1000+ Followers. 5 months!

Five months ago I created my account here on Steemit and I made a lot of cool friends on here.

A few months ago, I told myself if I hit 1000 followers, I should throw out a party, but I have doubted myself a little that I would even hit the number this year. But, then I looked closely at my stats yesterday and I didn't even notice that I had over 1000 followers. Where do they come from? Lol


My experience here was not always easy but I have to value the positive moments and forget about the worries in the past.

Perhaps I should give some credits to my dearest friends who helped me remind myself that I have to get back on track and focus on what brings the best out of me.


Today, I also bought my dearest friends @sunnylife, @emonemolover, @bonjovey and @surpassinggoogle some cupcakes so they can celebrate with me, (but I ate 'em!) A Steemit Virtual Celebration with Friends, because why not! ^_-

I recently got an update from @arcange about the daily hit-parade, which by the way, if you happen to see your name on the board it means you're totally awesome!

Daily hit parade.png

To all my active followers, everytime I see your comments on my page, I am grateful and thankful for your time and effort. I hope I often return the favor :D

For all the little upvotes and mega upvotes that you shared, thank you!

Love you all!

XOXO Gilaine