15 Minutes Creative Mode: How To Make Gif Banner Using Free Mobile Apps!

I was on my way to the mall this afternoon to meet up with my friend @emonemolover to get our nails done.

I decided to use my time to be creative while setting in the backseat of the car instead of doing nothing or staring outside were the car always passes by, same road, same store.

I had Canvas app on my phone and I only used it once so I tried to do a little bit of editing.

How to edit the photo using Canvas on mobile:

1.Choose Category.

I use Instagram Post Because it was the first once that caught my eyes, lol. There's tones of options to explore, btw.

2. Choose your desired temples.

There are thousands of templates but I created my own so I chose blank. You can always change the background image by tapping the screen.

3. To add texts, graphics, layer image, temples, pages just tap the plus icon.

I add pages and duplicate the photos to change the colors of the photos.

You can always continue to edit your work later since the app automatically saves your work under Designs

These are the photos I edited using the app

Now, time to make gif from all the photos using gif maker-editor. It took less than a minute and I have my fun banner. Yeepey!

All apps are free to download but Canva offers some premium features but the free app gives you a lot of feature to enjoy.
So here's my 15-minute craft!

Try it and have fun! 😉