A Morning Blog...

I woke up before the sunrise.


While grooming, I turned on my laptop and start typing whatever words that come up.

"Hmmm... what do normal people do in their mornings? Those people who haven't heard a thing about steemit, @partiko, @actifit, @esteem, @ulog, @busy and spending their whole life on Facebook. If they only know what they're missing out... they are missing a beautiful future."

Most people I know who have smartphones will open their facebook right when they wake up in the morning, I used to do it but until we have a rule, no electronics in the bedroom except our kindle and the tv. If I have to use my phone or my laptop I have to go to the living room, although sometimes it hard to stick to this rule because once am hooked to my phone or my laptop. I am like a horse that blocks out everything else and literally focus on it! The good side about having adhd.

I finished grooming and I am making my dolce lungo coffee... I am going to use two coffee pods, the more the merrier!

I took a sip...

"Ahhhhhh... the smell of coffee makes me be me!"

I brought my coffee and my laptop to the balcony, sat on my favorite chair while looking at the city view and the beautiful green landscape.

The cover photo doesn't have anything to do with this post, I just didn't want to spend a whole day trying to make a perfect selfie or take the best landscape photo =p

Have a great day ahead and enjoy every minute. Life is short to be too serious! ^_-

Xoxo, Gilaine


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