A quick memo to Filipino Steemers...

Whenever I sponsor, or host events... The absolute number 1 question Filipinos ask me, is;

"How do I get money off Steemit".

Now, this may sound harsh... But as many of you know me, I do not mince words.

The answer is simple... Why are you asking about money, when you have yet to contribute in a positive way? Most of the people that are asking me this question, either haven't posted a single blog or aren't putting in any effort to make Steemit a better place.

These are the same people, that leave a comment seconds after a well thought out blog, saying something plain, and tacky like "Thanks for sharing", "Interesting read". And these are the same people wondering why they aren't getting upvotes, and recognition for their lazily crafted blogs/comments.

I understand that here in the Philippines, times are rough for many. Some blogs here earn more in one post... Than some Filipino families earn in a YEAR. However, without Steemit... How would you have made money if you needed it so badly?

Please consider, that by taking money off of Steemit, before you can grow your wallet... You are stunting your future earnings potential. By turning your Steem and SBD into Steempower, you will earn yourself a whole lot more in the future... Than you will benefit in the short-term.

Invest in yourself now, and you will reap the rewards 10x in the future.

I still love all you Filipinos, I just want you to succeed, and stop crippling yourselves.

As for me, I can promise, that you will never see me taking Steem off this platform, until I can sustainably support the community, and myself. The absolute most important reason I keep reinvesting my Steem and SBD, is to increase my upvote... So I can give back to the community. Can you help me?