My Actifit Report Card: January 24 2019

Alright! Report... Report... Report. How was my day!

After I finished my blog early this morning, I put away my laptop and I wanted to jump in the pool. It was around seven in the morning so the water was a bit cold. Brrrrrrr!

We have a basketball court and a tennis court in our community so I decided run around the basketball and the tennis court, probably about twenty minutes, no stopping. Just get it done! Bwahahaha!

After feeling hot, I rinsed off at the outside shower and jumped in the pool!

Ahhhh! That's the ticket! 😆

Later on I met my Fri at the mall for an ice cream. Yep! Another ice cream day! Hahaha!

Hope you had awesome day!

Xoxo, Gilaine

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