My Actifit Report Card: January 25 2019

At around seven in morning, I went on a jog around the community. It was very nice cloudy day, it would be perfect to go swimming but my skin is getting dry from pool the chlorine plus I've been swimming every other day.

While I was jogging, I took some random photos to share with you.

I went to the gym and did some leg workout and jumped in the shower after.

I was so tired, it didn't even have lunch, I just laid in bed to take a quick nap but fell asleep for about four hours which normally doesn't happen. I don't like taking naps because I feel like I am waiting my time while I am still alive.

You ever wonder why do we even need to sleep?

Now am on my way to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and maybe get a booze? 👍😁

Xoxo, Gilaine