My Actifit Report Card: January 29 2019

Guess what?

I reached not just 5k but a little more than 5k! Bwahaha

My previous post,. I mentioned about how sparky I was

While I was writing that post on my @partiko app, I was on my way to the pool. I noticed the activity count on my @actifit app, I needed 113 to reach 5k.

Well, it's no sweat, I thought. So, I tried to ran as fast as I could on the basketball then back to the pool side.

I did it! 5k baby 🥳💃🎶 hahaha

My ears are on fire right now. Does that happen to you when you run fast? 😂

Have to jump in the pool now! Have an amazing night, fellas! ❤️😘

Xoxo, Gilaine