I Reached 54k! January 31 2019

It was past three in the morning, I woke up very thirsty so I went to get a glass of lukewarm water. I went on the terrace and grasped the cool wind. I love the calmness of dawn, it's the time when nothing breaths and everything is transfixed.

I was thinking of different things, just random things and all in a sudden my phone lit checked some SMS and notification on my partiko app. I saw @chekohler's comment and he made me laugh. I replied,
"I can't even beat the top 10 actifitters! It's 3:43 am here. I think am going for a run!"

And that made me really decide to start my day! I put on my comfy jogging outfit, something light and sexy... kidding but kidding, lol. I made a small cup of coffee and finished it in less than three minutes. I made my protein shake to bring with me and a big bottle of water. Don't forget the sports armband and good music!

I started using actifit 14 days ago, when I saw @brittandjosie's posts. The highest activity I accumulated within the day was 1206 and it was way behind the numbers compared to the people on the daily leaderboard top 10.


What was the goal? #1 On The Daily Top Actifitters

My goal was to be the number 1 of the top 10 'actifitters', so I kept pushing myself to my limit.

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