My Actifit Report Card: February 6 2019

✔️ 12 minutes Shuffle dance

✔️ Stretching at the gym

✔️ Walking: Outdoor, at home, at the gym

✔️ House chore: washed one plate and two utensils! Lol

It's the 6th of February

...and I woke up around 3 am, almost the same time as yesterday and the day before...

Two hours later...I finished two cups of warm tea and I decided to check my actifit app. I unstrapped the arm band... My arm feels lighter now, haha! Then it was time to check my activity count... I got a 110 Total Activity for Two Hours!!! I wanted to throw my phone outside the terrace. Haha!

What happened? Why did I get a very small count? Read more here...

Muscles are still sore so I didn't do a crazy workout today. I spent about 15 minutes at the gym just to do my second stretching of the day and did pranayama yoga which doesn't require any movements of the feet, just breathing exercise.

I went on a walk around the pool and garden, glad it did because it helped my calves and legs loosen up. Although I got a massage yesterday, my lower body is still sore.

If you're curious what shuffle dance is, you can look it up online and 12 of dancing probably got me over 1k activity points, lol. I can do it anywhere I want to! 😂

My helper came today so I didn't really need to clean the place my self other than the last dishes I dirty to make my peanutbutter sandwich.

How about you, how's your activities today?

I'll be dozing off to bed... Talk soon!

Xoxo, Gilaine


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