Actifit | 02.12.19

✔️ 5-minute Stretching

✔️ Walking around the mall and inside the house

Some of things I did today didn't require my actifit, like tiptoeing! Hahaha! I don't know why I did it. Maybe I was trying to do my calves? Maybe, but I guess it was the effect of Black Swan Movie I watched last night haha! I watched few years back and I just happened to like watching movies a few times.

I missed again the gym because I ran into some errands today. I had to get ready to go out and drove around town to do some paperworks, I don't like doing paperwork works, waste of time. I wish everything can be process online without going through a human asking the question that's already written down on the paper!

Then I went to the mall to have lunch.

It's Taco Tuesday!

I ordered a total of 4 beef tacos because two wasn't enough and a margarita... oppsss! isn't it too early for me to get buzz 😂. I didn't finish it though coz a margarita and massage after is not a good combination, is it? Haha

After I finished lunch, I went to the salon the get a footspa and my toe nails done. The same salon that me and @emonemolover went to.

Then I got a 30 minute back massage and 30 minute foot and leg massage. I also got my hair trimmed a little because it grows fast so easy!

Before going home, I stopped at the supermarket to buy some items that I need to make for beef stew that I will be making tomorrow and will share the recipe soon. 😉

I hope you all had or will have a wonderful day where ever you are!

Xoxo, Gilaine


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