My Actifit Report Card: February 19 2019

✔️ Jogging around the community

✔️ Shopping

✔️ Walking around my place

Time passes quickly when you have to do so many things. Although I didn't too much stuff today, my whole afternoon spent on finding a Whey protein Powder with creatine in it. I went to three different malls and five different stores, and I only found it at one particular store.

S&R (or Costco) that sells a lot of imported goods.

Creatine is thought to help the muscles recover quickly, also gives more strength during exercise.

I was meant to buy the chocolate flavor but I grabbed the wrong one. How could I! Sparky as always!

Since I was at the supermarket, I grabbed some other stuff that I need and also bought myself three pizza, two slices of pepperoni and one cheese pizza 😋. Sorry I didn't share, I was starving. It was probably around 2pm bwhen I had my first meal of the day.

When I got home, I put away my groceries and put on my bikinis and went swimming. I was the only one at the pool. These people, my neighbors, I've barely seen them 😂

While am writing this, I am still outside enjoying my alone time and I saw the magnificent moon and took a photo using my Google Pixel phone. What a beautiful night it is! 😍♥️


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