My Actifit Report Card: February 20 2019

✔️ 30 minutes Jogging

✔️ Elliptical

✔️ Core workout

✔️ Squats

✔️ calves workout

✔️ Yoga

It seems like am doing almost the same routine every morning, so I am kind of bored writing this again and again. Hahaha!

It always starts with a coffee and if you've been following my actifit posts you'll be able to guess what's next. I won't even be surprise if you'll just skip reading my post. I know I have to think of another way to make my actifit post more exciting... but I can't really think of any other activities other than jogging, walking, lifting weights and using other machines at the gym. I can't go skiing because it's impossible where I live. I've never even set foot on a snow in my whole existence, not even a man made snow! So pathetic! 😂

It's 1pm, am the gym right now while writing this. I did some weight lifting; sumo squats using 50 pounds dumbbell, 30 repetition. 100 leg press machine, 30 pounds weight. I also did some core workout.

and I thought to take some photos of my self doing some complex yoga poses. Ugh, I look pathetic, hahaha! I've never tried taking some photos before because am not really good at it, so delete... delete... delete! It seems like I've been doing yoga for few years now but am never consistent at it. It feels good afternoon I do it though but am not really flexible, I know I need more practice.

Most of the time when I do yoga, I get so relaxed that it makes me yawn a lot, is it normal? Haha Then I have to stop because I don't like taking naps during the day.

For lunch, I had a big bowl of salad that's good for four people!

That's happens when you fast for 23 hours. Then I had 6 spoons of peanut butter and vanilla protein shake. This is going to be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😂

How about you? How was your day?

Xoxo, Gilaine


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