My Actifit Report Card: February 22 2019

✔️ Walking on treadmill

✔️ Walking around the mall

✔️ Grocery Shopping

✔️ 30 minutes Yoga

Friday is kind of my trade day, however it wasn't exciting at all. So instead of sitting and staring at my desktop screen, I went to the gym did my online trading on my phone. I normally don't like doing it on my mobile because it makes me dizzy looking at the tiny display.

11:40 Am

I am at the mall to get lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, called Phat Phò. They are really busy today, glad I was able to get a table because I really don't want to eat fast food right now. 😂 I ordered a bahn mi and chicken spring rolls, cost a total of $10 usd. I think I'll trt not to eat a lot outside because it can be expensive. *** Although, I get a lot of discount coupons and free meals from few restaurants that I promoted my Steem blogs thanks to my 10k+ followers!*** 😘

After lunch, I walked around the mall, basically window shopping. Today, am good at controlling myself not to spend on some stuff other than food.

I did some grocery shopping and bought my helper a cake because it's her birthday this Sunday. I know she'll he very happy. 😊

At around three in the afternoon I got home and went to the gym to do a 30-minute yoga. Then I jumped in the pool.

5:45 Cooking dinner and making salad

I was hoping I was going to eat just one meal today but, my lunch wasn't really filling I guess. So, I made a bowl of salad and two big slices of stakes. This should make me feel full until tomorrow afternoon. I think it's cheaper to be on this intermittent fasting, I've been on this diet for over four years now and I love it!

How about you... How was your Friday?

Xoxo, Gilaine


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