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✔️ Walking

✔️ Jogging

✔️ Running

I skipped the gym today and but I went on a jog around the community for the sake of my actifit app.

Then, I went to the mall just to kill time but then I found comforter on sale, a very nice one. I had to threw away the old one, thanks to my nice cats! 😹

Also, had lunch at the same Vietnamese restaurant because there's not really a lot of places at the mall to eat excellent food. I guess am spoiled like that.

After walking around the mall, I got bored or my usual excuse for an ice cream. 😂 I ordered the dilly bar, it's a vanilla ice cream on a popsicle dipped in a chocolate coating. I took a bite and my teeth and it fell like my teeth broke, it's frozen! I could use it as a hammer the nails will break! 😂 So I ordered a rocky road in a regular cup. Gosh, I thought am supposed to encourage people to get healthy haha! I suddenly remembered @skramatters's idea of actifat! 😂🤫

When I got home, I put on my fitness clothes and went outside to do a two hour run and jumped in the pool!

Am only having orange juice for dinner, I guess I am craving more sweets 😁 that I happens when you consume carbs, you get more hungrier.

Well, am going to put away my phone and watch something on Netflix.

Xoxo, Gilaine


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