My Actifit Report Card: March 8 2019

✔️ Jogging

✔️ Walking around the community

✔️ Walking around the mall

My sister, @gerel and I had a good swim this morning after going on long jog around the community.

I asked my sister to flew here from Manila so she can help me with house chores, lol. Kidding! I am helping her to lose weight and I hope to teach her how to stay healthy the way I do it.

She used to stay with me before and she lose 10 pounds in just a month. She was doing really good until she moved out.

It's her second day here, so we're going to start it slowly by watching the food that she eats. Remember, our body is made in the kitchen and second is the physical activities.

We skipped breakfast, as usual only had coffee, twice and a small protein shake. For lunch, I took her out eat at the salad bar that I always go to since she hasn't been there before. Also, so she gets inspired to eat a lot of salad at home and have an idea on different varieties of veggies that she can add when makes it herself.

I ordered a classic caesar salad and she really likes. I got myself an salad, it's called go-geisha with Japanese-miso dressing. Healthy and satisfying lunch!

We walked around the mall and bought some random stuff for ourselves. Then did a quick grocery shopping before going home.

It was around four thirty in afternoon when we decided to eat an early dinner. Way too early! Haha but we woke up early too. She heat up the mashed potatoes and two big cuts of pork that I cooked the other day.

Am I bit exhausted right now but definitely worth it that my day went well! 😉

I hope you all have a good one!

Xoxo, Gilaine


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