Actifit | March 17 2019

✔️ Jogging and walking around the community

✔️ Stretching

✔️ Moving around my place

8:18 am

"Am outside, by the pool and thinking if I should just go swimming or go to the gym to workout. My whole body is sore a little bit, just from doing so many laps in the pool yesterday but I know I can still workout if I drink more coffee?"

I didn't see anyone jogging or walking around, maybe because of the gloomy weather makes everyone lazy and cozy.

My sister brought me some coffee... Niiiiiicccceeee! I wonder what will happy to me if skip coffee a day!

I went on a jog, while my sister went swimming, she has the pool to herself since nobody cares to go in cold water, and not me, not today! 😂

11:42 am

I woke up after a nap. I cancelled the gym since it started raining so hard but the real reason is that, am got lazy today, even though I had three coffees, it was enough energy to only go on a jog. I didn't want to drink my protein shake because I get so bloated and it's not a good feeling. 😣

I only had one meal yesterday, two tacos and two slices of quesadillas! After that, I didn't eat anything till 12:30 in the afternoon today.

12:45 pm

"My first meal today, I am having steak and mashed potatoes, no photos because am starving already!"

I wasn't satisfied yet, so I asked my sister to cook all the chicken (about two kilos). She dried it with flour and sprinkled some adobo seasoning then, fried it in the wok with a little bit of peanut oil since they small cuts of boneless chicken thighs. Boneless chicken thighs? It's actually my first time buying this and it's easier to eat, no bones but still very tasty!

2:40 pm

I finished eating lunch and I will skip again dinner so I fast longer.

I check the binance from time to time while I play my drugwars, reply to some comments, and also did some manual curations using @partiko app.

5:35 pm

Am going to end my actifit early so I can watch some movies on Netflix. 😉

Have a good one! 😘❤️

Thank you for reading. Let me know how your day went. I love reading your comments, and I'll show some love on your page. 😘😘

Xoxo, Gilaine


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