Actifit & A Nice Surprise For Me!

✔️ 10 minutes on the treadmill

✔️ 50 lunges with 15 pounds dumbbells on each shoulders

✔️ total 50 hip thrust, 25 reps | 2 sets

✔️ Jog around the gym

✔️ 10 minutes elliptical

✔️ Stretching

5:15 am

Made my first coffee and qread my Kindle a w little bit.

Later on I checked the crypto market and also my pending order but no luck today, so I have to just sit on it for a little bit.

7:13 am

Made another coffee. This time I added protein powder as my Pre-workout drink then, I got back to trading another coin. I think am more patient now, even if am looking at the three window, I try not panic and do a quick sell or buy. 😅


It's gym time! Put on my fitness outfit, I grabbed my water bottle and my wireless headphones. You know it's better to wear a bluetooth headphone because they don't get on the way during your workout and it doesn't get tangled! 😂

12:50 pm

On my way to get lunch. While in the car, I use my time to browse and chat on partiko app.

Lunch today was a surprise...

Coco Ichibanya is now in Cebu! Omg!!! This is one of my favorite restaurant in BKK.

I got pork cutlet with Japanese rice meal and an extra pork cutlet. I chose the medium hot level of spice. Nomnomnomnom. 😋 It's so good! I was actually full after eating the whole meal, at first I thought I might need to order another plate. Wait did my stomach shrink or was it because of the sprinkling water I had that filled up my belly. 😂

And a dessert doesn't hurt!

On our way home, we stopped at McDonald's Drive thru to get mcflurry, actually they call it matcha mcflurry but it's got oreo cookies in it, shouldn't it be called oreo & matcha mcflurry? Anyways, whatever it's called, I'll still eat anyways.

That's one thing I love about intermittent fasting, I don't have to worry about getting fat! 😂

I might skip dinner and just have my whey protein since I forgot got to make one after my workout. After I watch my Netflix TV series, am going to bed early tonight. 🤗

It's 5:49 and am going to end my actifit since am done with all my physical activities. 😉

Thank you for reading. Let me know how your day went. I love reading your comments, and I'll show some love on your page. 😘😘

Xoxo, Gilaine


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