Time Off From The Gym & Quality Time With My Sister

I managed to reached almost 10k activities by walking around the mall! 😁 Skipping the gym or any exercise today is probably a guilt trip but once in a while we need to do something different and have a fun time with our loved ones.

I took my sister out on a date, since we have been feeling a little bored and something to change the scenery. Wait, did I say change scenery but then we just went to the mall! Haha

Well, I decided to go to the mall because I have another facial care treatment appointment, everything. Since we're at the mall, we decided to get lunch but not sure what we feel like eating. I had my sister decide where to dine, guess what we ate?

Eat all you can Filipino food! Ahahaha! I love Filipino food but my sister loves it more!

After we ate, we went straight to the clinic for my facial treatment appointment. I also got my sister an hour facial so she won't get bored waiting for me. I love getting facial because of face massage and the face mask, it's so relaxing and makes my face feel clean than just washing it at home.

Later on, we walked around the mall and continued our food binge!

Next stop, some yummy waffles! Belgium waffles is a small kiosk in the mall, they're affordable but the very light. I got a banana chocolate peanut waffle πŸ˜‹ it's good but would have been better if the dough was thicker. Maybe if their was an option to get a bigger size, I would have been happier.

You're probably confused why am I talking about food on my actifit report, hahaha! Well, it's hard to make a blog every day by sticking to the term 'fitness'. So, why don't I just tell literally everything about my day?

Alright, let me continue with my story...

Third stop is... donuts!!!

Gosh, I was feeling okay after eating the waffle but when I finished six donuts, I feel like going in a coma! πŸ˜‚

I feel so tired right now, won't be doing another cheat day till next week. 😁
How about you, how did your day go?

Thank you for dropping by. Let me know how your day went. I love reading your comments, and I'll show some love on your page. 😘😘

Xoxo, Gilaine


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