First Day Of The Month's Fitness Activities | Post Work Out Meal... Still On Low Carb | Anything New?

After going on a jog this morning, guess where I did the rest of my workout?

In the shower! Haha yep, yep.. I know, who does her workout in the shower? Haha

Well, I do workout my calves and alternate leg raises while standing up in the shower. Bwahahaha

Of course it didn't track my activity otherwise my phone would won't be working right now. I wish I still have my Samsung S5 but I actually never tried using it in the water.

I continued working my calves while doing the dishes when I remember @spectrumecons contest, gosh I got distracted with my mini workout, ahahaha. I couldn't understand the puzzle as looking at the tiny screen plus, I was another distraction, these kids screaming at the pool, I thought somebody was drowning but they were just goofing. Grrrrr! Hahaha

I had steak for lunch and dinner. I took advantage of the good deal on the steaks at the supermarket, one slice is cheaper than eating a Big Mac hamburger, ehehe!

After dinner, I went outside and walked around the community and went swimming after.

How about you, what are your fitness activities today?

Thank you for dropping by. Let me know how your day went. I love reading your comments, and I'll show some love on your page. 😘😘

Xoxo, Gilaine


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