My Actifit Report Card: July 4 2019

Am back from my mini vacation, means back to my routine. Back to working out at the gym.

I started fasting last night, skipped dinner and only had coffee for breakfast.

After I finished my first coffee, I on a walk around the community and chatted with neighbors. Before I had my lunch, I headed to the gym and did a 30 minute shoulder workout.

I started with 15 pounds dumbbells and did shoulder press for a total of 65 reps and 10-2) seconds rep in between sets (which is 10-15reps -until failure).

Then I switched be to 10pounds dumbbells and did more reps until I could barely lift my arms.

Finished with stretching. That's all my workout for today, cardio and quick weight workout but totally burning!

What's fitness activity today?



Daily Activity, Walking, Weight Lifting