My Actifit Report Card: July 6 2019

Quite an okay workout (?) at the gym today. I did two minutes on the elliptical after about a minute of stretching. Then did 400 squats (100 each reps) - reps 30 lbs dumbbells, and ended the last 200 with 20 lbs dumbbells.

(I don't know why @actifit app sometimes rotates the photo)

I didn't stay long at the gym because I don't have much tree time today. Plus, my shoulders are still a little bit sore from weight lifting the other day.

I have also been fasting at least 20 hrs. Trying to get rid of all the calories from the buffet, but am not going to lie that I missed the cream puffs and donuts, urrggghhh.

But I to focus on my well being (at least for another week 😂). So, am trying to stay active and eat very low carb this week.

Yesterday I had salad for lunch and chicken nuggets, which doesn't seem to be on health note but that's what happens when you get free food, they taste better, lol, right?

Since I wasn't able to to hit 5k yesterday. I went on a run for about 5 minutes and the rest of the counts I got from moving around my place and waking around the community.

Daily Activity, Elliptical, Walking, Weight Lifting