My Actifit Report Card: February 10 2020

I was persuade tonight to use my actifit app because of @chekohler's news about this #getinshapechallengebehind... And the fact that I was dead tired after a long day in the kitchen!

Standing all day and moving around in the kitchen burned a lot of my energy. Don't ask me how many calories, because I actually don't have any idea. All I know is that I started working in my kitchen around 9am and finished around 5pm.

Then after chatting with @chekohler about, I decided to head outside and sprint until I almost ran out of breath! Lol

I also ran on the stairs for 5 minutes and brisk walk around the community.

Finally, after two hours of using actifit, which is actually a little longer for me than usual, I finally reached 5k.

I thought I was already tired after cooking all day but it's funny how our mind works. You can definitely control anything in your head.


(Fasting Ended at 2:10pm )

  • Lunch : pork schnitzel with gravy sauce (no heavy cream this time)
  • Snack: peanut butter sandwich
  • Dinner: chicken schnitzel with gravy and mashed potatoes
  • Dessert : peanut butter bagel sandwich, half dark macadamia chocolate bar

(Fasting started at 5:35 pm)

What about you, what are your fitness activities and what did you eat today?

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Jogging, Running, Stair Mill, Walking