My Actifit Report Card: February 13 2020

I woke up a little bit late than usual but still went out for a brisk walk around the community.

Today was Zumba day and lower back workout training however non of those activities are included in my acfit because I lost my waistband and I think I might have given away my armband to my sister.

After my last meal, I roamed around the community and enjoyed a nice relaxing weather.


(Fasting Ended at 2pm )

  • Lunch : scrambled eggs with marina sauce
  • Snack: half bagel, 1/2cup almond milk
  • Dinner: 4 pieces sunny side up 1 cup Spanish rice
  • Dessert : 3 pieces oreo

(Fasting started at 4:50)

What about you, what are your fitness activities and what did you eat today?

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