My Actifit Report Card: February 15 2020

Today I was determined to step up my workout and see how far I can push myself.

The other day, I was to reach 1km for 9+ minutes and today I did it in less than 8 minutes. It doesn't sound like it's a big difference but hey it's pretty tough.

I had to take a break and laid on the mat until my heartbeat slowed down. I wanted to end my workout after that but after about five minutes of doing yoga breathing,just laying down, I felt better.

Today was also brutal leg day. I worked out my legs for two hours, about 45 minutes deadlifts until I could lift the barbell. Then switched to kettle bell. I actually don't remember everything I did at the gym, haha but it was fun torturing myself, 😂.

After my weight training, I decided to jump in the pool, and gosh it felt sooo good but I got super hungry. It was around 5 pm when I started heating up my food, good thing had some prep meal.

You know, food tastes a lot better when you're hungry, specially those muffins, gosh, I don't mind deadlifting all day for some treats! Haha

Since I had my first meal a little late today, that means I might have to end my fasting tomorrow at a later time.

Am super tired now, and I could use a really good home service massage while snoozing.


(Fasting Ended at 12:15pm )

  • Lunch : Protein shake with almond milk
  • Snack: Dark Chocolate with Chocolate chips Muffin
  • Post-Workout Drink: Protein Shake with almond milk
  • Dinner: 3 pcs chicken cutlet, sautéed potato, carrots and celery, 2 sunny side up, pressured cook butter beans and red beans with chipotle
  • Dessert: 1 chocolate chip muffin and half vanilla chocolate chip muffin

(Fasting started at 6:50pm)

What about you, what are your fitness activities and what did you eat today?

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