My Actifit Report Card: February 20 2020

Yesterday we got a noticed that one of the residents at one of the towers in our community has to be brought to the hospital after showing some symptoms of coronavirus.

So, everybody is being careful and didn't even go outside today. Aside from me, only the workers and employees of the condominium were outside today.

I was asking myself, should I not go out and just do all my workout at my place?

The couples who are now under quarantine but still no result from the health authorities.

I still did my daily routine but I spent most of my workout outside and less than 10 minutes chest workout at the gym. It was so hot today that my skin hurts from the sun,though it felt very good jumping in the water after going on an afternoon jog.

I guess it's good that everyone else stays inside so I can be outside and less exposure to others. Hehe


(Fasting Ended at 12noon )

  • Lunch : 2 sunny side up and two butter toasted breads
  • Snack: small pack nacho cheese doritos,
  • Dinner: salad and rice with vegetarian chili
  • Dessert : half peanut butter sandwich and handful of nuts
    (Fasting started at 5:30 pm)

What about you, what are your fitness activities and what did you eat today?

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