All i want this valentine is some good o' coffee and pizza! 😁

Oh hey! It's valentine's, what are your plans for today?

While is coronavirus is still concerns me and my partner, we decided not to go out for dinner instead and I requested for a Starbucks drive through coffee and pizza for later instead.

I ordered soy vanilla cappuccino and asked to put just half a pump of vanilla than they usually do. Good thing they only added a little and it isn't sweet, just enough to have that vanilla flavor other otherwise I would have returned it after drinking have of my cup and have them remake it again, lol just kidding but I really would! Haha

Am glad Cebu have a drive through sbucks coz we don't have to go in line and not expose to much with other people, especially that the numbers of infected people in the Philippines are going up and I think it's more important to be careful and not get too complaisant.

I ordered a pizza online (Food panda) and we can pick it up once it's ready in about 10 minutes, so am going to enjoy my coffee in the car while waiting for the pizza.

What about you, what will be have for valentine's day?