An open letter to @likwid, thanks for trying to ruin everything that I started!

Yes, I was just even starting and yet, my dreams are almost falling apart already! I never complain about getting a downvote but this time, you really struck the bitch out of me. If am a Witch, which I wish I am, I would really curse you right now! Lol

When you decided to gave this blog.. [oldplu.png](blog

downvote, have you even attempted to even read it! Have even considered the time, effort and trouble that I went through just to bring out a good quality content on this platform!

Don't worry am still chill, am just a little bitchy tight now, especially I did not have my coffee yet.

It may not seem like a hardwork for you but this sweet little bitch believes that she has to justify herself because she know my worth!

It took me over two weeks to make this recipe, making sure it'll come out the way I want it to be, burnt my fingers, asked my partner to drive to the grocery to buy me another perfect looking Cilantro, make sure I took good photos without having my food getting burn in the pans, even tears, and sweat poured on me because I wanted this one to be perfect... that I had to make it over and over again! -and work on the blog for couple of days, write all the ingredients and try to remember all the procedures, making sure I don't miss any steps.-but still you won't call it enough hard work because you don't understand and don't want to understand... Or maybe you're Grinch brother who loves to make people sad and loves to ruin the happy spirit in people's lives coz you don't know what fun and happiness means.

You think I am that's too much earning! You might forget that curation is 50/50 now and maybe you don't care even if I tell you how much money I spent trying to make that recipe, over and over again because I want something new on my blog!

And btw, you don't even have to really know this, I haven't even had a single penny from my Steem earnings ever since I created this account, they're all on freaking blockchain!

Don't take that motivation from me just because you think it doesn't deserve it to where it should be, but rather find a way to motivate the people in this community in a different way other than showing your power just because you have a free downvote and a huge account!

Now, am going to make my coffee before I start having some negative perceptions!

I hope you sleep really well tonight, @wiklid, if you're even a real human.

Oh sorry I almost forgot to cc you @transisto.

No Xo!