Announcing the two winners of 2 Steem for the guess the prices, win a price contest! (and there's a little something here for you to earn some upvotes from me!)

By following the simple rules, you and your nominated friend had a chance to win 2 Steem, let's review again the rules;

  1. Guess the total price of all the items (in Philippine currency or USD)
  2. Tag one of your fiends
  3. Follow @myrecipes

So, this is how much I spent at the Dollar store for all the items below...

a total of 2, 132 php or 42.19 in USD value

@mariflower answered 45 USD which is very close to the correct answer however, she failed to follow all the rules :(

Also thank you to @sarimanok, @gingbabida joining the contest, next time pls don't forget to follow all the rules. (oh no!, but don't worry their will be more contest soon!) 😊

And these are the Steemians who succeeded in following the contest's rules:


And the winner is...

@aguadz, he answered 37. 20 USD, which the closest answer to the question. He won 2 Steem and 2 Steem for his friend @deseojunar!

Congratulations, @aguadz and @deseojunar!

Stay tuned and be sure to follow me to not miss out some more contests very soon!

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