Are you a part of the Filipino Steemit Family?

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Let us all meet our kababayans and the Filipino Steemit Family!

Username: @deveerei
Month Joined on Steemit: June 2017
Real Name: Deveerei
Age: 24
Location now, and origin
Current job: Bpo Stocks Transfer Agent
Hobby: Arts-design-crafts, singing (bad at it), writing poetry (when depressed), anime/manga.
Why Steemit? I have been blogging ever since 09 and have been in multiple social media sites, tons actualluy. So, I tried Steemit. I heard you earn, and I did.

Username: @allmonitors
Month Joined on Steemit: July 2016
Real Name: Rex
Age: 34
Location now, and origin: NCR, Region 2 - Quirino
Current job: Enterprise function
Hobby: Photography, noob blogging, travel, biking, running, just keep walking.
Why Steemit? Why not, a single frame can give you a $100 reward instead of posting it on Facebook.

Username: @webcoop
Month Joined on Steemit: August 2017
Real Name: Lowell
Age: 44
Location now, and origin: Western Australia, Baguio, Philippines
Current job: Maintenance at BHPB, Hosting Provider
Hobby: Don't have much of a hobby.
Why Steemit? I do a little blogging and using crypto currency. So why not combine the 2 and steemit, a new and promising investment.

Username: @shellany
Month Joined on Steemit: May 2017
Real Name: Shellany
Age: 36
Location now, and origin: Cagayan de Oro City, parents from Iloilo
Current job: IT Trainer
Hobby: Steeming and all of the above!
Why Steemit?
The need to express through writing and of course earning at the same time! ;)

USERNAME: @kennyroy
REAL NAME: Kenneth Castro Divina
AGE: 33
LOCATION NOW, AND ORIGIN: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
CURRENT JOB: Interior Designer, AutoCAD Draftsman
HOBBY: Cooking, Online Game, Volleyball Game (Varsity), Fishing and Blogging
WHY STEEMIT?: A simple way of helping other people needs and you will earn also by knowing other people when they upvote you! (Meron pera sa Steemit)♨😆♨

Username: @vallesleoruther
Month Joined on Steemit: June 2017
Real Name: Leo Ruther Valles
Age: 24
Location now, and origin: Makati City originally from La Trinidad, Benguet
Current job: Front End Web Developer
Hobby: Sports, Basketball, Football, Gaming, Esports, Cryptocurrencies
Why Steemit?
I got on Steemit mostly because of the world of cryptocurrencies, and I want to have a blog, earn, and help others in the process.

Username: @st3llar
Month Joined on Steemit: June 2017
Real Name:Ron
Location now, and origin: QC, NCR
Current job:IT
Hobby: web.
Why Steemit? napadaan lang.

Username : @tegoshei
Month Joined on Steemit : July 2017
Real Name: Sheila
Age: 26
Location now, and origin: Cebu
Current job: ESL Instructor (online)
Hobby: watching anime, reading manga, drawing, writing, blogging
Why Steemit? My friend introduced me to it when she knew I'm a blogger... I used to have anime-related blogs and another blog for my writings... ^^ Steemit is really fun with active community. ^^

Username : @marianmiller
Month Joined on Steemit: August 2017
Real Name: Marian Bukiran
Age: 22
Location now, and origin: Cavite
Current job: in between jobs huhuhu
Hobby: surfing the net, travelling, cooking, baking, badminton, volleyball
Why Steemit? Most of the feedback are good and legit so hmmm, why not? :)

Username: @bellatravelph
Month Joined on Steemit: June 2017
Real Name: Danebel
Age: 24
Location now, and origin: Cebu City, Philippines
Current job: Business Coordinator
Hobby: traveling, photography and hiking
Why Steemit? Want to share my experiences in travel, give some information and ideas about the places. Sharing some socializing lifestyle. Spreading good vibes while earning on steemit. Keep on the right truck. Loving the Philippines.

Username: @feedroh
Month Joined on Steemit: June 2017
Real Name: Peter Corazo
Age: 31
Location now, and origin: Cebu
Current job: Entrepreneur, Content Creator
Hobby: Brazilian Jiujitsu, Cooking, Art
Why Steemit? I see the potential for it to become a huge platform for content. I also want to practice writing everyday and earn while doing it :)

Username: @tsukikei
Month Joined on Steemit: August
Real Name: Niña Concepcion
Age: 21
Location now, and origin: Cebu City
Current job: fresh graduate kaya tambay sa bahay😂 pero nagrereview ako for LET
Hobby: reading manga, watching movies and animes, editing photos and videos, and sleeping 😂😂
Why Steemit? Because I was amazed by the experiences of my collegues and acquaintants 😘

Username: @jhernel45
Month Joined on Steemit: August 2017
Real Name: Jhernel
Age: 21
Location: Cebu Philippines
Hobby: Eating, Sleeping and Playing Computer Games
Why Steemit? I want to share my experience through posting and improve my communication skills.

Username: @ashlyncurvey
Month joined on steemit: June 2017
Real name: milyn Avelino
Age: 28
Location now, and origin: las piñas from bikol region
Current job: none
Hobby: cooking, steemit blog, and mahilig ako manuod sa YouTube ng mga pilipina blogger.
Why steemit: kasi syempre dito na ako natoto magblog at higit sa lahat may makukuhang income.

Username: @rye05
Month Joined on Steemit: July 2017
Real Name: Ryan
Age: 29
Location Tarlac, from Cavite City
Current job: Transcriber from home, writer at
Hobby: Anime/Manga, basketball pero di magaling, video games
Why Steemit? Worth my time and great community.

Username: @marysent
Month Joined on Steemit: August 2017
Real Name: Gerel Mae Cortes
Age: 20
Location: Lapulapu City, Cebu
Current job: Tambay muna haha waiting to be called by the DepEd for deployment ^^ Nagrereview rin for LET every Sunday :D
Hobby: Drawing, Singing, Writing poems & Stories, Attending Praise and Worship activities and gatherings
Why Steemit? I love the people here, super friendly and very kind hearted. Lots of amazing people! I also love how steemit works. :) ^

@deveerei @tjlopez @bearone @immarojas @dreamiely @luvabi @gwapology @emonemolover @sunnylife @darylg
@grazz @dwightjaden @sandaraclark @bien @joshvel @helloluis @zararina @marlon241982 @keshawn @monkeypattycake @arrliinn @allmonitors @webcoop @shellany @kennyroy @vallesleoruther @st3llar @tegoshei @marianmiller @haleyaerith @bellatravelph @feedroh @tsukikei @jhernel45 @ashlyncurvey @rye05 @marysent @sasha.shade @chinito @macchiata
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Location in the Philippines
How long have you been on Steemit
Current job
Why Steemit?
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