Back at the gym after two days of absence...

It's been raining for two days straight because of the typhoon. Today, finally the sun came out and I was able to walk around the community this morning. I was hoping to see some of my neighbor friends during my walks but I guess they're still feeling cozy on their beds.



After I finished my coffee, I head to the gym for my second exercise

There's one person only using the gym and I was little lazy to lift some weights. So, I use the treadmill for 12 minutes with 2 minutes walk and 1 minute run intervals. I haven't been using the treadmill since I got back from my recent vacation. I've been doing quick workout with weights.

Today, I did cardio and weight lifting. I haven't done this type of workout in a while. I run for a minute and did some weight lifting in between. In total I was at the gym for about an hour, my longest workout this past two weeks.

I took advance of the beautiful day and stayed by the pool for few minutes until I finished my water.

While I was laying by the pool, I wondered how it feels like to workout on a snow? Would I be able to move or might froze after just a few sets,lol?