Boracay's Best Dessert Rated Restaurant Is Available In Bohol. Is Really The Best Dessert?

Halomamgo is said to be a popular dessert in Boracay and they happen to have a store in, Panglao, Bohol.

Ten minutes from the resort that we're staying at, we decided to see the close by stores and little markets.

This place was packed when we got there, so we had to wait for some to empty the seats so we could sit down.

Two mins later, we finally able to sat down. We ordered two kinds of desserts...

The one above is the mango ice cream with shaved ice and fresh chunks of mangoes.

This one is mango ice cream with fresh mango toppings.

Both are good but I won't say it's the best, and not something that I would crave when I leave this Island. The fake mango flavor and the syrup on top that they added to the ice cream is too strong, though the one with the shaved ice cream didn't have that syrup, that one was okay, and the texture was good.

Maybe it was too overhyped for it to be called as the best in Boracay?

Has anyone had this dessert before?