Bought 1000 ENGAGE TOKEN!

engage token.jpg

I got this idea from @chekohler (again ;p) to give out some free tokens as a tip or incentive for Steemians who shows engagement on my posts.

This token was created by @abh12345. I think it's a great idea since voting power drains so fast, and having 10k+ followers (well, not like they're all active, lol), it'll be hard to give an upvote to a mass number.

Though I got, some free #ENGAGEMENT tokens (and most of it came from @chekohler) I have to buy more so I ca too can start incentivizing those who is actively commenting on my posts.

Thanks @abh12345 for creating this cool token & to @chekohler for sharing the info. You can read it here....Link.

Let the fun begin!