Building Muscles - Today Is Chest Day!


I remember the first time I did chest workout using dumbells, I thought it was silly. Why would someone want to put weights in front of their face, it's scary! Why don't I just do push ups!

I was very intimidated doing barbell or flat bench dumbell press the first time I did it even though I had 2.5 pounds of dumbell on each hands! Lol

I thought if I dropped this on my face, that's it am f*! 😅 I won't be able to fix my face except get a surgery!


But after I finished my whole set, I was very proud of myself... I didn't drop those silly handy things on my face.

Then later on I started increasing weights to my training and I got quite comfortable on lifting heavier than I normally do.

I always to start with the heavier weights then finished with the lighter weight. I do this so I can test my strength but the execution have less repetition at first but I believe I get the most out of my workout. It does work for me but maybe not for everyone.

This morning's chest workout, I started with 20 pounds barbell on each hands but I could only go halfway, so I did a quick lift not counting at all, just until I couldn't lift it up at all.

Others would worry about injury but am not because I know how to control and listen to my body.

If you're always scared to hurt yourself on your training, you'll never gonna go that far. You're always gonna be lifting the same weight over and over again thus, slows your results or sometimes you won't even see any results. I said it because I've noticed some of the people that workout at our community gym for over a year and lifting the same weights everytime, they still look the same.

Depending on your fitness goal, you can always decide how intense you want your workout to be and always listen to your body.

Have a great workout today, Steeemians!