Bulletproof Morning With Bulletproof Coffee?


I use two coffee pods of dolce gusto, 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and 1 tabelspoons of coconut oil. I got this recipe from dietdoctor.com.

I didn't add any sweeter just like I used to, and it tasted really good, quite strong but the butter and coconut oil are totally the keys to making this bulletproof coffee creamy and tasty! Have you tried this type of coffee before?

I used to have bulletproof coffee couple of years ago and I going to start having it again on my keto diet! We'll see how my day goes... 😁

I started my keto diet last night. Remember my last post, I was making some meatball subs? Well, I didn't eat it because it's got a lot of bread crumbs, am going to go out again today to buy some ground meat and make some meatball subs.

Anyone has a recipe for keto meatball subs?


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