But First, Coffee!

Rise and shine, Steemian!

This morning I groggily walk towards the kitchen and stumble with my espresso machine. Ahhhh! Coffee time!

We all have our morning rituals whether it's bad or good. Did I say bad ritual? Lol I think one of those is seeing your neighbor smoking outside while drinking his beer. Who drinks beer before the sun rises! I thought it's insane but not for my dear neighbor.

I didn't want it to ruin my day so I close all the doors and windows. Waited for him to go inside his place. The perks of sharing a wall with your neighbors.

After awhile, I was able to sit on our balcony with my Kindle and a cup of coffee. What a beautiful day it is. Still no plans for today...

How about you? How are you this morning, any plans?

Xoxo, Gilaine