Buying More Steem Is Better Than Going On A Holiday!


I have been a little stressed about the Steem price, not only because am getting a less return on payouts on my posts but because I wanted to buy more and more and more!

I guess am greedy like that!

Whenever I see the price go down, I always want to take advantage of it and I tried to keep some coins that has higher value than Steem so I can trade it with Steem but this time I have to hold on to this coin because it's been going up and might just get lucky and get rich! Lol Kidding I don't have much on my portfolio but Its better than having no investment at all.

I think I will cancel my summer trip and try to buy as much Steem as I can.

But how was I able to buy more Steem this time?

I sold my computer! 😂

I know... I know...

You're screaming at me and asking why the heck would I sell my computer and how am I supposed to do online trading!

I have a desk computer that I haven't been using for almost a week because I've been using my laptop. So, instead of it piling some dusts on the corner of my place, I finally sold it at a decent price.

Because of that, I was able to buy more Steem while it's still at it's very low price.

bought steem.jpg

My laptop works as good as my computer desktop, I use mostly for blogging, editing photos and doing some online trading.

Within a day I got few interested buyers and sold it the next day. I also sold the two computer chairs and other stuff in the house that were in very good condition.

You do crazy things like selling your stuff like an addict just to get more Steem! Pretty soon I might just be left with a bed, stove, fridge and a shower! 😂

I am not expecting to cash out today or in the next few days but rather investing for the next few years and even for my retirement. I am really looking forward to better future of crypto or else!

What about you, have you bought any Steem recently or hustling on your Steem posts! 👊😉
What are your goals this year and onwards?


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