Can You Mix Whey Protein With Coffee?

I have been mixing my coffee with my whey protein for almost a week now before I do heavy workout.

I don't eat breakfast so I need to have coffee to become a "full human being" otherwise you don't want to be near me! 😂

I used to add carameled caramel or vanilla syrup in my coffee just so it's not boring but I don't want to have too much carbs in my drink.

So, after having few hot cups or a at least a 100ml of iced coffee, I'm would mix my last coffee of the day to my protein shake.

I did a research if what am doing is okay, just to make sure it doesn't have any natural chemical reaction. Wait! What? A chemical reaction? Lol! I am just over hyped today.

Others say the coffee can negates the effectiveness of the protein powder but others don't also agree with this. Well, for me I think it does work because after having it, I feel like a superwoman! 😂

How to mix well your coffee in whey protein:

Let your coffee cool down first.

This has nothing to do with denaturing the protein and everything to do with texture. If you mix the protein and coffee too soon, the protein powder will become slightly curdled and will be lumpy. Add a bit of cold water or milk to your coffee to speed up the process or just sit tight and wait.

Mix in a little bit at a time.

Especially if you’re using a full scoop of protein powder, dump it in one half at a time. This will allow it to dissolve more quickly.

Get rid of lingering clumps by mixing for up to one minute.

If any lingering clumps remain, push them up against the side of your cup or mug.©

Try it yourself and let me know what you think. 😉