Cebu South Travel: Moalboal

How to get to Moalboal:

  1. Go to South Bus Terminal.
  2. Take the bus that goes to Bato via Barili. The fare is around 120 for air-con bus, None aircon is about 100.
  3. Once you get to the main town. Take a tricycle to get to the resort (you can find tricycles are all over the town proper). My friend, April and I paid 50pesos each ($1 USD) to get to the resort.

Tropical Fruits in Town Proper 😊 (Long hair. The good old days, when I still look younger lol)

Cotton Candies. Spotted this on the street.

The pool was nice and the room was well-cleaned.
April and I stayed at a standard room with a fan, private bathroom, and a perfect size balcony.

The first thing April and I did was to go snorkeling, we only stayed for less than an hour before the sun sets.

The next morning we had our breakfast at the same resort.
The restaurant is right on the water which we really like. They had yummy buko juice. The food wasn't my favorite but worth the price. We felt so lucky that there was not a lot of tourist at the resort we stayed at so it peaceful during our stay.

Here are some of the few things you can do in Moalboal:
Visit Pescador Island; Dive and Snorkeling
Canyoning & Rappeling
Hiking & Camping Tour
Bike Tours
Scuba & Snorkeling
Kawasan Falls

Few steps away from the resort is the little sand bar, perfect to chill in with a margarita! till midnight.

We got ourselves some souvenirs about a few minutes walk from our resort. We also found few restaurants that around the area.

At night, we went to this place called Chili Bar Restaurant. There were locals and tourist there. My friend and I enjoyed our time drinking and watching the others play pool. On our last day, we decided to play pool, since the place was empty during the day. We played at least five games before we left, don't ask who won lol. That was our last place to visit in Panagsama.

I hope you had fun with my minnow travel journal. Stay tuned for more. Happy steeming, humans!
<3 @purepinay

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