Cebu Steemit Convention; Coming soon! (Help)

Hello Steemians ;)

So, I am still busy traveling, and am thinking of ideas for the upcoming Steemit convention in Cebu. I do not have a date yet, because I really need to get some guest speakers to attend so I need to fit the event around their schedule.


Please in the comments below, let me know if you are planning on attending, and how many of your friends you will possibly be bringing. Please, keep it to active Steemit users. It will be your job to teach your friends that aren't on Steemit, what you learn at the conference.

And please, if you haven't done so yet... go to this link and VOTE FOR HIM FOR A WITNESS . He is the one sponsoring the event out of his own pocket, and this could cost 100,000 PHP or more.

I will make a blog post later, on the importance of witnesses, and also link the witnesses that I voted for and why.

So once again...A numbers count. Who here in Cebu will be attending (Middle of November), and how many Active Steemians, will you be bringing with you.

Once I know a rough number, I will book the convention center.



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