Cebu Steemit meetup. Wow, are we ever growing!

When I first joined Steemit, I was hard pressed to find any other Filipinos on the platform.

Especially some from Cebu.

This was just 5 months ago, and during this time I just started to make friends with foreign bloggers from other parts of the globe. After my first month, I met a few Cebuanos and was part of a few smaller events. Now, this small cafe could barely fit us all!


There were over 30 of us in all, from all walks of life including some foreigner bloggers that were visiting or currently residing here in Cebu. If we are growing this fast, this quick- I cannot imagine the numbers we will be seeing in a year from now.


There is a small bit of drama on Steemit, but overall everyone I have met in this local community has become some of my best friends. We all think alike, have the same goals, and even finish each others' sentences! The Cebu community is very positive, and I am glad to be a small part of it. One day, when its an uncontrollable madhouse of Cebuano bloggers, I will look back and feel proud that I helped (in a small way), to grow the provincial community into a full grown city of opportunists.


During this event, we all met at Dolce Cafe', which luckily is just 2 minutes down the street from my condo. The last event had me traveling the entire city, getting lost twice before just giving up and going home sweaty :P I am not terribly familiar with Cebu still, even though I have lived here for the better part of 5 years already. And, it doesn't help that since I am not a native to the Bisaya's, I do not always find it easy to communicate with the taxi drivers.

This event was fairly formal, but with such a big crowd it wasn't always easy to stay on topic. Nevertheless, we all had a good time introducing ourselves, and of course, following each other on our respective blogs. Great- Now I have even more reading to do every day :P


Before the event, my good friend @bonjovey suggested that afterwards we stop by her house, where we could sing karaoke and eat some food. So, that morning she pulled out some chicken to marinate, and her friend Mariann started making some of her favorite Filipino snacks. When we got to Dolce, and saw the huge crowd; I panicked, and called my boyfriend and told him we didn't have enough food. Of course, he came through and picked some of us up in the CR-V, with KFC and Krispy Kreme donuts for everyone. I didn't want to write it, but he is making me admit that he "saved the day". And I am sure @bonjovey is happy, that she didn't have to cook for a small army :)


Leaving Dolce was pure madness. Trying to coordinate transportation for 20+ people for the after-party, to travel to a location that no one really was familiar with... Piling like ants into each taxi we could flag down. We were glad when we arrived, got out of the vehicles, and got to get a fresh breath of air. We are close, but not that close that we enjoy our faces in each others' armpits :P


The after-party was much more productive than the first event, because we were able to sit down in smaller groups, and give each other tips and tricks on Steemit. Some of the people there understood a more technical side of Steemit- So to actually hear about how the backend works, with the rewards pool, witnesses, hardforks etc., was very helpful to all of us.


I know I wrote a healthy blog just the other day, and believe it or not I only had one small piece of chicken :) But, since it was last minute- We were definitely not in the position to be choosy.


Thanks to everyone who attended both events, and I am super excited to join you all during Sinulog 2018!