When In Thailand: Coffee Shop In Vintage Atmosphere. Chiang Mai, Thailand

That day when you can't have enough caffeine!

After having our first batch of coffee at Mountain Coffee (click this link to see the blog), we passed by a unique coffee shop in the heart of the city in Thapae district. It has a retro setting inside, they have beatbox and pinball. There's also a photo of Marilyn Monroe with some other retro fixes.



I ordered caramel macchiato and espresso/doppio both were very good and prices were very affordable compared to the coffee shops in the Philippines. The barista who took our orders was knowledgeable with coffee and very friendly. The chairs are not comfy to sit for a long time but it didn't take me long to finish my drinks.




I wanted to try their signature but I wasn't in the mood for iced tea instead, I got myself another iced caramel macchiato and had to go so we can see other places. I definitely had enough caffeine this time so lots of energy roam around the old city of Thailand and I can't wait to have my first meal of the day! ;D


Street View



Location: Tha Phae Road, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand
Hours: 7am - 12am


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