Cold Stone Creamery At Ayala Center Cebu, Philippines

When Cold Stone first opened its branch at Ayala Center Cebu, I was exhilarated!

The first day of opening the place was packed and we couldn't even get any seats so we had to go back the next day, just a few minutes after the mall opened. ;D

They offer several flavors for you to chose from and you also create your own ice cream where you have to choose the base flavor and you get to pick 1 topping like; Reese's, cookie dough, peanut butter and they have about fifty different toppings. You can also pay extra 35pesos (0.65 USD) per toppings if you want to add more.

The smallest size is 6oz 158php (2.93USD) and the party size is 48oz 1,148php (21.26 USD).


Mud Pie Mojo

You can have your ice cream toss on you and you have to catch it, lol. I never thought that throwing ice cream to customers can make them happy! I think it's a fun idea to engage with your them. I enjoyed watching people who did this but I haven't tried it, maybe I will next time, anyways they will replace your ice cream if you happen to drop it on the floor, cool ha? I wonder how many ice creams they dropped on the floor, haha!


My first ice cream, I ordered the mud pie mojo (the first photo above). It's a coffee ice cream with oreo cookies, peanut butter, roasted almonds, and fudge.

Below is a vanilla ice cream with fudge and almonds. My partner decided to create his own ice cream and I actually liked it better than mine. It was good but was a bit too sweet for me after I finished the whole cup, the coffee ice cream itself was already sweet maybe if I ordered the smaller size I would still be satisfied.


On our next visited, I decided to get the same flavor that my partner picked for the base. I replaced the coffee ice cream to frech vanilla and had the same toppings.


Create Your Own Ice Cream

French vanilla with peanut butter, fudge, caramel and oreo cookies.


Cookie Dough Not Want Some

This one is a french vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, cookie dough, fudge and caramel.


Peanut Butter Cup Perfection In A Cone

One of their signature creations. It's a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, reese's peanut butter cup and fudge. This is one is good but next time I will replace the ice cream flavor with vanilla and have these toppings. :D And this could be my favorite.


Ferrero Rocher and Manhattan Cheesecake

I got two flavors in a cone but I don't remember if I paid extra, all I remember was I didn't add any toppings to it but I loved both flavors. ;) I have to say that the ice cream didn't melt easy when I got it in the cone because twice I visited I ordered the "create your own ice cream" and it melted easy in the cup.If you notice some of the photos of the ice cream, they're a bit melted but it wasn't too bad. Maybe because I was taking forever to take photos? Lol!

Overall my experience with Cold Stone Creamy at this location was fun and I will go back to try other flavors. ;)

All photos were taken using Google Pixel XL

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