Coronavirus 2019 not to be feared?

I was going through my own feed, the trending page and even the new feed to see if anyone is sharing an awareness of this coronavirus of 2019, aside from @boxmining and @najlaferreira, I haven't found other articles or short updates about this viral outbreak.

Hence, I don't use Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site, Steemit and it's other dapps is the social media I access but maybe I was on the wrong platform to look up this news.

So, I opened Google and read some news. This virus is spreading in so many countries now and I think everyone should be updated and do their homework on how to protect themselves from getting sick.

I even watched a few youtube videos about this virus, they said this started on the 29th of December in Wuhan City in China, and

Aside from washing your hands, covering your mouth when you sneeze, there's no actual treatment or medication of this virus, and no vaccine! It is said that several organizations are trying to develop a vaccine for this said virus.

I hope they discover a treatment or vaccine very soon, because basing the news reports, a little over two hours ago on CNN news reported 80+ people died in China from this disease. Then 15 mins later, I read the news from the same website, CNN, reported 100+ people died.

Imagine that? It's pretty scary, I mean, this is serious.

In the Philippines, 14 people are reported to have been infected of this disease and are being motivated by health authorities.

Today, my partner, bought a lot of groceries and we don't plan on going out until we ran out of food, should be good for at least 3 weeks. 😁 We also stacked 14 pcs of 5 gallons of bottled water. I know it might sound funny but better be safe.

Also, our community is big enough for me to roam around if it ever get bored inside. I can go to the gym, or use the pool and the sauna or maybe use the pool table but really, as long as I have internet and I have my peanut butter, I think I'll be fine in my crib.