Doughn't you want some?

Sometimes you have to splurge on some sweet treats!


I have an unhealthy obsession with ice creams and it's driving me crazy!

Before I had my first cold stone ice cream I used to buy Ben & Jerry's especially the peanut butter cup and the first time I saw cold stone's at the supermarket I always go to I knew right away I had to buy it. Now I don't have to take 5 escalators to the cold stone store to buy an ice cream! 😂


This one is called Cookie Doughn't you want some. It's a French vanilla Ice cream with fudge, cookie dough, chocolate chips, and caramel. I gladly enjoyed it while watching my Netflix show. I just wish I have a bottom less cup of it!


In case you missed it:

Cold Stone at Ayala Mall, Cebu

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