Feeling sad today...where is the Steem community?!


I don't use any other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, because I thought it's draining there, trying to manage all those accounts at once and uploading a photo every hour just to show people what am up to.

I use @busy to post some of blogs and short contents sharing about about my day. Sometimes I use @partiko (which by the way some features no longer work, I hope @cryptotalk is doing okay and hopefully partiko's full features will comes back to life because I really find the app user to use).

Today, I feel something is missing in this community...

Where is the engagement? I've seen very few people here really talks to each other like humans but most...

Sound like robots, they don't even read what you wrote, what happened to us? Are all we just here for money?

Yeah, you're making money on your blogs but how many real people even leave comments and try to connect with you?

I used up my voting power to upvote somecomments on my new blog called @busykitchen (I will be using this account for my recipe blogs instead of the account, @myrecipes because I am not happy with the page name) where I made my introduction post and it's the first time that I ever made an official introduction here on steem community.

I am not expecting for any upvotes or get on the trending page, all I want was for you to notice me and see that I am trying to connect to you if you shares the same passion as I do.

I even paid to boost that blog after a whole day of waiting (since @ I couldn't figure out how to pay to promote it) to see if I could get some more people to see it and leave me comments, or maybe I was just being too impatient!

If I could pay every person a Steem just to leave a thoughtful comment, I would, but I thought is this how this is going to be in this platform? We're all after curation and rewards? No real connection?

You're probably thing, well, Gil, if you wanted friends and always talk to you, go to the outside world and stop being naive because this isn't the Steem community that you used to know.

I realised there's very small engagement here and it's really sad. I understand that we should get an incentive for our time visiting their blogs and leaving thoughtful comments but with voting power and resource credit's draining fast its almost impossible to upvote all the comments.

Anyways, enough with the mumblings, before I sign off, I want to thank those individuals who are still here and still keeping in touch with me like real friends in real life even though we're only virtual friends, you guys are humble and genuinely here to keep me company, know who you are, so thank you so much to all of you! 😊

Am always going to be the purepinay that you met and I hope you join me here here through thick and thins! 😂