Finally back from vacation...

Hello, Steemians!

How's everything going on your end?

After traveling to my home town, I am finally back to my daily routine. I was able to catch up on my fitness activities, though I brought my resistance band with me but I still missed going to the gym. I mostly spent my time with my family and friends.



Whenever I have time, before taking a shower or woke up in the morning I did some quick exercises using my resistance band, it's very handy!

Now, that am back with the city life and already missing that hometown feeling... The food, the surrounding, the familiar faces around. I still don't know as to when I could go visit again but my hometown will always be a home.




Am struggling from colds and cough, which really annoying. I never really get sick but time my immune system couldn't take it. I am guilty of eating way...way...too much sugary food from the party and afterwards.


I also ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly, taking advantage of the free cheat vacay, lol! Hopefully this colds and cough will go away very soon. I'll be having mostly green smoothies and try to stay away from carbs. 😊

What about you, what have you been up lately?