Finally Had A Good Calamari!


I don't even care if they use fresh squid or frozen, because this is ridiculously delicious!

Am guessing they use panko for the batter because of perfect crisp you get from the coating. They only use a little bit of batter, enough to cover the calamari, looks simple, it's light, crispy and oozing with flavor.

If only they brought the dish while it was still hot, it would have probably been an excellent dish. Maybe they forgot about our order because we're a little under dress for this place. Everyone else we're wearing elegant dress and suits while I was wearing t-shirt, tight shorts and favorite sneakers! 😂

Anyways we're here for food and not fashion show, so it's whatever, am on my comfy outfit and enjoying my time with food Hahaha!

Now, I have one dish on my to-cook-list while on this trip and I might have a very long list after! 😀🤗