Fireworks 2019 Part Two


I was having a hard time looking for an easy app online so I could get some snapshots from the video I took. Although I already have photoshop, I haven't tried using the video tools and I didn't have enough time to learn it today since I have some errands to do this morning.

After a few minutes of my troubleshooting, I finally found the quickest way to do it and sparky me, I didn't know that I already have an app on my laptop that can do the frame by frame photos, duh! So then I started saving some frames and I was amazed at how easy it was, yey! Happy kiddo!

I love photography and always wanted to take up photography classes but I had been reluctant because of so many free photography tutorials on the internet. Unfortunately, I have been impatient to watch the full video whenever it reached ten minutes, lol.

So I guess am not going to have a chance in the photography industry, am I?

Double-click any photo below and feel free to flick through!


I hope you enjoyed the photos!


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