First Time Trying Vegan Ice Cream & Hey, It's Local!


Encase you wonder if I switch to vegan... No am not giving up my meat! ;p

I was doing grocery shopping at one of the biggest supermarket in town, and I happen to pass by the ice cream section. Oh I lied there, I never passed an ice cream isle, I always check it out even if I don't plan to buy one. Although I am always tempted, haha!

So, it was that day where I can load up on carbs and calories. I screaaaammmmmm baby! ;p

This is the first time I've seen a vegan ice cream made in the Philippines. I think the generation Y is influenced the market into making different food choices now a days. In other countries, like USA it's a big thing but not in my country, but is starting to be known (mostly in the city).

I'd love to have more access to vegan products since I am lactose intolerant, not fun ha! I know right!

How did it taste?

It was yummmy! I could have had another container but I have to be a little bit thrifty. The taste was beyond what I expected. Let's see why...

They use coconut milk and soy milk for the base then it's sweetened with coconut sugar. Though the soy milk that they use it has caned sugar so, that only makes sense why this ice cream is sweet enough but not too sweet. I have coconut sugar in the cabinet but I only used it once, when I made the flour-less pancakes, but this sugar won't really make your food too sweet unless you put a whole lo of it.


Let's check the nutrition label

As you can see on the nutrition facts, this container has 4 servings and one serving has 22g of sugar. So, the whole container has a total of 92g of sugar and that's about 11 tablespoons if they use the powdered coconut sugar.

Anyway, enough with the calculation, still this dessert has less sugar than the others. It has also less ingredients than the others.

The ingredients listed are; coconut milk, soy milk, coconut sugar, coconut oil, cane vinegar, pecans, salt, canola oil and natural flavoring.

Now, I have a big question mark, as to why the company has to use canola oil and not just use more coconut oil! Does it have to do with the texture? I know they have to use vegetable oil in replacement to dairy but can't you not get the same texture and taste if you just use coconut oil?


How was the texture?

I think that's why they labeled it a"frozen dessert" because it's made with vegetable oil and not dairy. It's not silky and creamy but I can say it has very close texture like an ice creams but not a gelato.

One thing I love about this ice cream, they're not cheap with the nuts. It had a lot of of pecans, and even at the bottom I've had some big bites of pecans.

Overall, this frozen dessert was very yummy and if not because of the canola oil, this might just be my new favorite!