Fitness Inspiration: Flex Friday & Tricep Workout

Good morning, Steemians!

It's Friday, and for me, it's no different from any other day when I have to hit the gym. Although I have different workouts every time I go to the gym and depending on how my body feels. One of the upper body part workouts I would like to share with you are for your triceps.


Tricpes are the three-headed muscles on the back of your arms. It helps stabilize your shoulder and the wide flat bone on your back, called scapula.

Before we get serious let me share to you a scene at gym...

An guy on his sixties interrupted me while I was doing "cable triceps kick back" workout. I think he noticed I was lifting heavier than other women at gym does. Most of the women I saw that day we're only lifting maximum of 10 pounds and I was doing 30 pounds on the machine.

He said "Oh no! you shouldn't lift too much weight because you're going to hurt yourself and when you grow older your muscles will sag like mine!" And then I was like, " I doesn't hurt my triceps, Mr. and I just started my workout (". Gave him a smile, greeted him a nice day and I had to go to the bathroom to let my frustration out, lol. (I should never forget to bring my headset with me!)

Did you know our mind is stronger than our body?


Some people are afraid of getting injured. Don't be, I listen to your body and you'll know when your limit is.

If you think you can't lift anymore after finishing your set but you don't even feel the burn after your workout, then you didn't do enough! So get back in there push your limit!

Triceps are one of the hardest part to define so you have to train them effectively.

Here are some of my triceps workouts that you can incorporate with yours:

Using Dumbbells:

Triceps Kick Back
Two Arm Tricep Extension
Underhand Kick Back

Using Machine:

Cable Triceps Kick Back


Bench Dip
Upright Dip

I usually do 15 reps of 3 sets but for bodyweight it do it until failure, meaning I don't count, I do it until my arms are dead tired or isolated.

Have fun on your workout, gym rats!

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